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Preservation Management

Museums that house important specimens, artifacts, and collections of works of art need to exercise extreme vigilance for each object’s protection and continued care. In the preservation of historical materials, sustaining a stable interior climate is necessary for proper maintenance.

Temperature and relative humidity (RH) typically need to be closely controlled and kept at suitable levels. Unfavorable environmental conditions can potentially harm artifacts and cause deterioration.

Onset HOBO data loggers can help curators and archivists maintain a suitable environment for artwork and culturally-significant pieces, while helping to balance the preservation of these objects with occupant comfort.

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HOBO MX1102 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Data Logger - MX1102

Onset’s HOBO MX1102 CO2 logger makes it more convenient than ever to measure and record CO2 in buildings and other non-condensing environments. Download to your phone or PC.
$1,107.00 ex GST

HOBO MX1101 - Temp/RH Bluetooth Data Logger

Onset’s HOBO MX1101 data logger measures and transmits temperature and relative humidity data wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth Smart technology.
$252.00 ex GST

HOBO UX100-023A - External Temp/RH Data Logger

The HOBO UX100-023A External Temp/RH data logger records temperature and relative humidity in an indoor environment with its external sensor.
$352.00 ex GST

HOBO UX100-003 - Temp/RH 3.5% Data Logger

The HOBO UX100-003 Temp/RH data logger records temperature and relative humidity (within 3.5% accuracy) in indoor environments
$166.00 ex GST

HOBO MX Gateway

The MX Gateway automatically transmits HOBO MX Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) logger data to Onset’s cloud-based HOBOlink software.
$958.00 ex GST