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Combustion Gas Analysers

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Land Lancom 4 - Portable Combustion & Stack Emissions Gas Analyser

Compact portable multigas analyser, capable of measuring up to eight flue gases in a range of combustion and emissions processes.
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Sauermann Si-CA 030 - Combustion gas analyser

The Si-CA 030 offers everything heating engineers need to inspect and maintain residential and commercial boilers, with wireless connection to our smartphone app and automatic generation of servicing reports and certificates.
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Sauermann Si-CA 130 - Combustion gas analyser

The Si-CA 130 features a touch-screen display and comes with PC-based management software (in addition to the smartphone app) for more in-depth combustion gas analysis. The three field-replaceable cells and sensors offer expanded measurement capability.
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Sauermann Si-CA 230 - Combustion gas analyser

With double the number of cells and expanded measurement capabilities, the Si-CA 230 is suited to the most powerful industrial machines. And with support for more gases and a high CO tolerance threshold, its versatility makes it the ideal choice across residential, commercial and industrial applications.
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