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Humidity Transmitters and Sensors

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VCP Duct Humidity and Temperature Sensor - DHT Series

The duct humidity and temperature sensor DHT measures the humidity and temperature of air.
From $263.00 ex GST

Room Humidity Temperature Transmitter RHT-series

The RHT is an indoor humidity and temperature transmitter with two 0-10VDC or 4-20mA Outputs
From $225.00 ex GST

Intech LPN-H Duct or Wall Mount Humidity Transmitters

The LPN-H is a complete relative humidity and temperature sensing module, with two loop powered 4~20mA output signals, representing 0~100%RH and 0~100ÂșC.
From $498.00 ex GST

Jumo 907021-11 Wall Mount Temp/RH/CO2 Sensors for air conditioning application monitoring

Jumo 907021-11 Wall mount Temperature / Humidity / CO2 room transmitters are the ideal solution for indoor applications such as HVAC in residential and official buildings.
$531.00 ex GST

jumo Duct Mount Temp/RH Sensors for air conditioning application monitoring 907021/211

A Duct mount Temperature / Humidity transmitter ideal for accurate measurement of relative humidity and temperature at a reasonable price in HVAC applications.
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Intech Wet / Dry Bulb Humidity Tank

Wet dry bulb tank and sensors for monitoring Humidity in harsh conditions.
$674.00 ex GST

Kimo TH110 Temperature and humidity sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor with analogue output
$462.00 ex GST

Kimo TH210 Humidity and temperature sensor

Temperature and Humidity Sensor with analogue output
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Humidity/Temperature Sensors for Demanding Industrial Applications (hygrometric) (907031)

Ideal for high Humidity areas, withstands water wash down
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Capacitive hygrothermo transducers with intelligent interchangeable probes (90.7027)

A high accuracy Temperature / Humidity sensor with measurement through the full range of 0-100%RH and a temperature range of -40+80 Deg C and features a replaceable probe.
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Humidity and temperature transducer for industrial applications (90.7023)

For measuring relative air humidity and temperature in industrial applications
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