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eze System

Never underestimate the power of ezeio solutions

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Easy to Use, Flexible Hardware and Software

Despite its complexity, the ezeio solution is highly user-friendly throughout all aspects of the system. It is purpose built for the internet and designed with the user in mind.

The 5 in 1 hardware controller combines:

- Input/Output Unit
- Data Logger
- Modem (LTE Cat M1) & Gateway
- PLC (edge processing)
- System Functionality
- GPS Option

Grows with your requirements

The versatile ezeio solution and its’ multi-disciplinary support for equipment and applications, allows the system to grow with your requirements. The ezeio solution is also capable of seamlessly handling a selection of plug & play expander modules and 3rd party sensors & devices available. This makes it possible for you to start simple by acquiring just sensor data and then move into more complex systems over time.

Scalable, remote monitoring and control

Every aspect of the system was designed to be scalable and capable of being remotely managed through a centralised hub. Even offline, the ezeio hardware controls and stores data to a large onboard memory which will be updated automatically when signal is achieved again. The ezeio solution requires no additional hard- or software components for the remote monitoring, control and automation of equipment & applications. It combines I/O units, cloud computing, data logging and communication in one system and for all IIoT purposes.

Automate Industrial Processes with ezeio!

The ezeio solution is a flexible, scalable and easy to use solution for any industrial challenge. From simple sensor data acquisition all the way through application automation we have you covered with their versatile solutions that can be tailored specifically towards your needs!

- For Energy Management

The ezeio solution seamlessly integrates with almost any power consuming appliances such as heating and air conditioning systems as well as power producing and storing systems such as solar panels, generators and batteries. This allows you to visualise and analyse the power consumption patterns for energy efficiency and i.e. demand response or peak shaving purposes.

- For Waste Treatment

Monitor and manage your water quality from anywhere with the system! Connect sensors to monitor pH, conductivity by connecting them through our powerful hardware & user-friendly software which allows you full access any time of. Learn More >>

- For Agriculture

With the ezeio solution, farmers can monitor their fields from anywhere and execute control commands with ease. The system also helps farmers maximise their crop output by closing the supply demand gap, increasing yields and simultaneously enhancing quality.

Explore the product & systems below or contact one of our helpful technical staff to discuss how ezeio can automate your processes through the power of IIoT today!

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ezeio mkII - IIoT Monitoring and Control System

Monitor, control, automate and consolidate any type of remote industrial devices, equipment & systems. From connecting sensors to automating applications.
$1,523.00 (ex gst)

ezeio mkII I/O Expander Module

A multipurpose I/O expander which has freely configurable inputs & outputs which are 100% remotely managed through the ezeio mkII Hardware.
$709.00 (ex gst)

ezeio mkII Web-Based Energy Kit

Combining the powerful ezeio web based solution with a wattnode energy transducer and CT's to offer one of the best energy monitoring systems on the market.
$0.00 (ex gst)

ezeio Web-Based RTD PT100 Recording System

The ezeio web-based recording solution is modular and can record up to 90 Inputs per ezeio station. Ideal as a chart recorder replacement package.
$0.00 (ex gst)

ezeio Web-Based Thermocouple Recording System

The ezeio web-based recording solution is modular and can record up to 90 Thermocouples per station. Ideal as a chart recorder replacement package.
$0.00 (ex gst)

pH Monitoring & Control Kit

The pHionics D-pHi sensor series combined with eze System's monitoring and control solution provides a comprehensive solution for pH and ORP water process monitoring and control with 24/7 access via ezeio cloud software.
$0.00 (ex gst)

Wastewater Monitoring & Control Kit

Achieve precise water quality assessment with our superior Wastewater Monitoring Kit. Engineered to accurately measure essential parameters like pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity. It features robust sensors, versatile hardware, and user-friendly software, offering a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for factories and the food industry.
$0.00 (ex gst)