*NEW* Cyclops L Portable Pyrometers   |   Discover the range >>

*NEW* Cyclops L Portable Pyrometers   |   Discover the range >>

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Controllers & Indicators

OneTemp stocks a large range of Controllers and Indicators for Temperature and Process applications.

If you would like help to select the perfect controller for your application, just call and we'll be happy to assist.

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Shimaden SR90 Series Controllers, for most general control applications, Models SR91 SR92 SR93 SR94

Low cost, suitable for most general control applications. "Our Best Seller"
$232.00 ex GST

Shimaden SR23 Series Controllers, advanced top of the range controllers

Advanced control for demanding applications.
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Shimaden FP93 Series, Program Controller

Program controller up to 40 steps, 1, 2 or 4 patterns.
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Shimaden FP23 Series Advanced Program Controller

High performance program controller up to 400 steps, 20 patterns.
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Shimaden SD16 Indicator 48 x 96mm

A low cost universal indicator with a large 20mm display.
$249.00 ex GST

Shimaden KR16, 6 Point Selector Switch

Up to 6 Inputs can be directed to one indicator.
$338.00 ex GST

Shimaden SD17 Indicator, 48 x 96mm

A low cost universal indicator with a large 20mm display.
From $238.00 ex GST

KR17 - 6 Way Multiple Point Selector Switch

6 Way Multiple Point Selector Switch for thermocouples and voltage
$238.00 ex GST

Intech IN-uP4 - Universal Input Indicator

The IN-uP4 is a universal single input indicator, which makes interface with a wide range of sensors easy.
$349.00 ex GST

Intech uP4-Din - Universal Input Indicator, DIN Rail Mount

The uP4-Din is a DIN rail mount, universal indicator, with two relay outputs and optional Analogue output.
From $445.00 ex GST

N1500G - Large Format Digital Panel Indicator

A high performance universal digital panel meter features a bright 56 mm high display for high visibility at long distances.
$679.00 ex GST

Shimaden Lite FREE Software for Shimaden Controllers

Shimaden Lite is a simple user interface for operator type changes to a controller.
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Shimaden SR80 Series Controllers, special application control. Models SR82 SR83 SR84

Shimaden SR80 series are suitable for applications with higher accuracy control is required.
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Pixsys 32 x 74mm Universal Controller - ATR121

Pixsys ATR121 - Double setpoint Controller or Indicator
$206.00 ex GST

JUMO eTRON T100 - Electronic Thermostat (701052)

The JUMO eTRON T100 electronic thermostat measures the temperature via RTD temperature probe, thermocouple, or current (0(4)-20 mA), and can be configured as a simple heating or cooling thermostat depending on the set switching behavior.
$373.00 ex GST

Sfere Large Format - Digital Meter - DGN-G4

The DGN-G4 is a large format meter with universal input and a selection of outputs. The digits are a bright 57mm high for easy viewing from a distance of up to 25m.
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Intech LPI-LCD-6 - 4-20mA Loop Powered Indicator

The LPI-LCD-6 - 4~20mA Panel Display is ideal for displaying a variety of process variables, and is easy to scale to your required engineering units and is powered from a 4-20mA loop so no additional power is required.
$571.00 ex GST

DRR244 DIN Rail Mount Controller

DRR244 DIN rail Process and temperature controller sets the highest standards as a DIN rail mounted, single loop controller.
$422.00 ex GST

JUMO DICON touch - Two-Channel Process and Program Controller with Paperless Recorder and Touchscreen

The DICON touch is a two-channel universal process and program controller with a vibrant TFT color graphics display / Touch screen.
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Pixsys Blue Line Advanced Temperature Controller

ATR244 Process and temperature controller sets the highest standards in a discreet single loop controller. It stands out with the bright 2 line display which ensures optimal visibility and increased level of information for the operator with new scrolling Help function.
$299.00 ex GST


Universally-applicable devices in 5 DIN formats for controlling process variables. The basic type includes autotuning, a ramp function, a program controller, manual mode, limit value monitoring functions, digital control signals, extensive timer functions, and a service counter.
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JUMO iTRON DR 100 - Compact controller (702060)

The JUMO iTRON DR 100 is a universal, freely programmable micro-processor controller suitable for a large number of technical control applications
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JUMO IMAGO 500 - Multi-channel process and program controller (703590)

The JUMO IMAGO 500 is a process and program controller with up to 8 controller channels or 4 program channels. The user interface masks can be adapted according to individual preferences. With 2 screen masks, the user can place text, process values, background images, and icons as they see fit.
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JUMO eTRON T - Digital thermostat (701050)

The JUMO eTRON T is a digital electronic thermostat (format 90mm x 22.5mm) for easy temperature control tasks (heating or cooling). The actual value is displayed on a 3-digit LCD display.
$373.00 ex GST

Kimo TST Series Thermostats

Kimo Wall Mounted Thermostat with relay output
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Kimo PST Series Manostats

A pressure Stat with relay output
$347.00 ex GST

Kimo HST Series Hygrostat

Kimo Humidity Sensor with relay output
From $323.00 ex GST

Kimo CO2ST CO2stat

CO2 Stat with relay output
$511.00 ex GST

Kimo COST COstat

CO Stat with relay output
$284.00 ex GST

Jumo EM-1 Thermostat Model 60/60001141 0-200 Deg C, 1000mm Capilary

Mechanical, liquid filled thermostat
$248.00 ex GST

Jumo EM-1 Thermostat Model 60/60000220 0-200 Deg C, 2000mm Capilary

Mechanical, liquid filled thermostat
$279.00 ex GST

Jumo EM-5 Thermostat with Lock-out Relay and Reset, Model 60/60000929 0-200 Deg C, 1000mm Capilary

Mechanical, liquid filled thermostat with lock out
$283.00 ex GST

Temperatures Sensor with battery powered LCD Display

The SPP2 series temperature sensor and thermometer assembly is a general purpose product designed for use in the process industry. It consists of a class A Pt100 temperature sensor with a Battery powered LCD display.
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Jumo Delos Electronic temperature sensor with display, analogue and switched output

The new JUMO DELOS T is an electronic temperature sensor and transmitter with 4-20mA or 0-10VDC analogue output, a switched output and a brilliant Backlit LCD display of the process temperature and state of the switch.
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Sensor with 4-20mA loop powered transmitter and display

The SEM710 is a new generation head mounted temperature transmitter with a built in temperature display. Ideal for indicating the process value at the point of measurement.
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Sfere Diginorm 75 Multifunction Indicators

A range of fully programmable digital panel meters which adapt closely to your application. They have a clear bright display and come with features others do not offer.
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Intech IN-HWD (rev 2) - Humidity and Temperature Indicator/Transmitter:

The IN-HWD (rev 2) has two 4~20mA outputs – humidity and temperature, with no software required.
$1,040.00 ex GST

Wattnode Power LCD Display

The remote LCD displays connect to Pulse Output WattNode® meters to display power (watts or kilowatts) and/or energy (kilowatt-hours)
$444.00 ex GST