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Onset Computer Corp

For over four decades, Onset has been at the forefront of the global data logger and monitoring solutions industry. As a trusted distributor of Onset products, we are proud to bring you their innovative solutions that aid in making informed decisions, improving environmental conditions, and ensuring the quality of temperature-sensitive goods.

Onset's commitment to continuous improvement, cutting-edge innovation, and top-tier customer service has solidified its reputation as a global leader. As a distributor of Onset's products, we are committed to providing you with the best. Whether you're an environmental researcher, a green building facility manager, or a healthcare professional ensuring the safe transportation of crucial vaccines, our HOBO and InTemp product lines are here to support your every need.


HOBO data loggers are designed to simplify the process of data gathering, viewing, and analysis. Their range of data loggers, stations, and remote monitoring tools can cater to almost any monitoring application, from environmental to energy efficiency assessments. The user-friendly and reliable nature of HOBO products have made them a preferred choice among professionals globally.

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InTemp is a game-changer in cold chain monitoring. With InTemp, we offer you monitoring and software solutions specifically designed for the storage and transportation of environmentally-sensitive pharmaceutical, life science, and healthcare products. These solutions provide real-time data and insights, ensuring optimal conditions for sensitive products throughout their transport.

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