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Air Quality Monitors

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Milesight AM103(L) - Wireless Indoor CO2, Temp & RH Sensors

The AM103 is an efficient indoor wireless sensor that measures temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, presenting real-time data on an optional user-friendly E-ink display. Its remote data management via Milesight IoT Cloud, NFC configuration, and extended battery life make it a cost-effective, convenient choice.
from $312.00 (ex gst)

Milesight AM300 - Indoor Air Quality Wireless Sensors

The AM300(L) Series is designed for complete IAQ monitoring. These devices measure various parameters, such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, and more. With LoRaWAN® technology, the sensors connect to the Milesight IoT Cloud for remote data management, making them perfect for monitoring the indoor environment of offices, healthcare facilities, and retail stores.
from $0.00 (ex gst)

Milesight iBox - IAQ Kit

Milesight iBox IAQ kit is the perfect solution for those looking to test out the LoRaWAN® technology, providing a comprehensive and convenient Proof of Concept (PoC). Stay ahead of unseen threats in your indoor environment be it temperature, humidity, irritants, allergens or unwelcome odours with this IAQ kit.
$1,697.00 (ex gst)

Milesight iBox - Smart Building Kit

The Milesight iBox - Smart Building Kit is the perfect choice for those who want to unlock the maximum potential of their buildings. This comprehensive package of products and services allows you to monitor and manage indoor air quality, water leakage and security with the benefits provided by loT.
$1,248.00 (ex gst)

Milesight Museum/Gallery Air Quality Monitoring Kit

The Museum Air Quality Monitoring Kit includes a range of Milesight sensors to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, PIR, VOC's and more. This Air Quality Monitoring kit is perfect for museums, galleries, archives, libraries, and other locations where air quality is important.
$0.00 (ex gst)

Milesight Office Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Kit

Milesight's Indoor Air Quality Monitoring kit provides real-time insights into the key parameters that affect indoor air quality, including temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. Monitoring these conditions not only improves occupants comfort and overall health, but also helps increase productivity.
$0.00 (ex gst)

Milesight School Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Kit

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can have a significant impact on the health and productivity of students and teachers in your school. By monitoring Temperature, CO2, Humidity, VOC's & more, the Milesight School Indoor Air Quality Kit is the perfect way to ensure that the air in your school is safe and healthy.
$0.00 (ex gst)

HOBO MX1101 - Temp/RH Bluetooth Data Logger

Onset’s HOBO MX1101 data logger measures and transmits temperature and relative humidity data wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth Smart technology.
$334.00 (ex gst)

HOBO MX1102 - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Bluetooth Data Logger

Onset’s HOBO MX1102 CO2 logger makes it more convenient than ever to measure and record CO2 in buildings and other non-condensing environments. Download to your phone or PC.
$1,323.00 (ex gst)

VCP CDR 010T - CO2 + Temperature transmitter

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) + Temperature transmitter CDR 010T is a self-calibrating microprocessor-controlled unit with 2 x 0-10VDC Outputs.
$372.00 (ex gst)

VCP QRT 24-series - Room Air Quality (VOC) Transmitters

The room air quality transmitters QRT 24 series for the measurement of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
$300.00 (ex gst)

VCP CO2R-Series - CO2 Transmitter w/- Humidity & Temp options

The CO2R-series can measure Carbon Dioxide (Co2) ranges of 400-2.000 ppm, 0-2.000 ppm, 0-5.000 ppm, 0-10.000 ppm
from $357.00 (ex gst)

VCP QDT24 - Duct Air Quality (VOC) Transmitter

The Duct air quality transmitters QDT 24 series for the measurement of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
$399.00 (ex gst)

VCP RCD 010 THD - CO2, Temp & RH Transmitter w/- Display

RCD 010 THD is a wall mounted transmitter which combines Carbon Dioxide (CO2) + Humidity (rH) + Temperature (T) with a display
$414.00 (ex gst)

Monnit Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitoring Solution

CO2 concentration provides insight into facility ventilation quality and HVAC calibration. Greenhouses and modern grow spaces also rely on CO2 sensor data to optimize crop growth. Maintain wellness and productivity with the Monnit Wireless CO2 Sensor below.
$0.00 (ex gst)

Monnit Enterprise Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Wireless Sensor

This sensor monitors Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas; if levels exceed preset limits, designated personnel are alerted via text, email, or call
$915.00 (ex gst)

Monnit Enterprise Carbon Monoxide (CO) Wireless Sensor

Measure the amount of CO gas in the surrounding air and receive real time alerts if levels have been exceeded
$680.00 (ex gst)

Monnit Enterprise Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Wireless Sensor

Measure the levels of toxic H2S gas in the environment and get alerts when thresholds are breached
$680.00 (ex gst)

VCP COW1351 - Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector COW-series

The VCP Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors with a measuring range up to 300ppm are suitable for CO measurement in parking garages, tunnels, engine repair shops, loading bays, engine test benches, shelters, go-kart race courses etc.
from $255.00 (ex gst)

Monnit Enterprise Air Particulate Wireless Meter

This mount-and-monitor device measures Particulate Matter that’s coarse (PM10), fine (PM2.5), and ultrafine (PM1) inside mines, production facilities, commercial kitchens and facilities, as well as business buildings.
$903.00 (ex gst)

Sauermann Si-AQ Comfort - Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

The Si-AQ Comfort is our basic indoor air quality monitor, meant for use in homes, schools and other public work spaces.
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E Instruments AQ VOC - Handheld VOC Monitor

The E Instruments VOC Monitor, the AQ VOC, provides indoor air quality testing.
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Sauermann Si-AQ Pro - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The Latest in Handheld IAQ Monitoring and Real Time Data Logging for Complete Air Quality Analysis
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Kimo AQ110 - CO2 Air Quality Meter

The Kimo AQ 110 measures the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) present in ambient air.
$868.00 (ex gst)

Jumo 907021-11 - Wall Mount Temp/RH/CO2 Sensors for air conditioning application monitoring

Jumo 907021-11 Wall mount Temperature / Humidity / CO2 room transmitters are the ideal solution for indoor applications such as HVAC in residential and official buildings.
$601.00 (ex gst)

Kimo CO2ST - CO2 Stat

CO2 Stat with relay output
$697.00 (ex gst)

Kimo COST - CO Stat

CO Stat with relay output
$388.00 (ex gst)

Kimo CO110 - CO Sensor

CO Sensor with LCD display and analogue output
$597.00 (ex gst)

Kimo CO112 - CO2 Sensor

CO2 Sensor with LCD display and analogue output
$701.00 (ex gst)

Kimo COT210 - CO and temperature sensor

CO and Temperature sensor with analogue output
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Kimo COT212 - CO2 and temperature sensor

CO2 and Temperature sensor with analogue output
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Sauermann Si-AQ Expert - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The Si-AQ Expert is the ideal tool for testing indoor air quality in warehouses and office buildings. It can measure concentrations of multiple different hazardous of gases and compounds that can affect air quality and worker safety.
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Kimo AMI 310 - Multifunction Meter

Kimo’s AMI 310 measures simultaneous parameters including pressure, temperature (Pt100 and thermocouple), humidity, air quality (CO/CO2), air velocity, airflow (vane probes and hotwire), and tachometry.
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VCP CO2D-series - Duct Mount Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Transmitters

The CO2D-series Duct Carbon Dioxide Transmitter is a durable, efficient device offering flexible measuring ranges and versatile output capabilities. With a 15-year lifespan, enhanced accuracy, and adaptable for various environments, it's a prime choice for industrial CO2 monitoring applications.
from $395.00 (ex gst)
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