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Datapaq - Coating Oven EasyTrack3

EasyTrack®3 Thermal Profiling System is designed for temperature profiling of powder coating ovens and products.
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DataPaq - Customised Coating Oven Systems

When standard and specialty systems will not meet your exact application requirements, Datapaq will build a custom system using its Insight™ Oven Tracker software, extensive range of custom barriers and the Q18 or Tpaq21 data loggers.
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Industry Applications - High Temperature Heat Treatment

Temperature profiling and surveying for heat treating in aluminium, steel, glass, foundry and aerospace industries
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Thermal Profiling in Glass Manufacturing

Industry Applications - Thermal Profiling in Glass Manufacturing
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Datapaq - Food Tracker System

The Datapaq® Food Tracker® temperature profiling systems are comprised of a data logger, a protective thermal barrier and Insight software. With a Datapaq system, you can guarantee the quality and safety of your cooked meats, poultry, bakery products and ready-to-eat meals.
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Datapaq - Furnace Temperature Profiling System

Datapaq Furnace Tracker Systems offer accurate and reliable in-process temperature surveying for various types of heat treating.
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Datapaq Oven Tracker XL2 system

This premium oven thermal profiling system provides the most comprehensive solution in automotive assembly, component supply and general paint/powder/E-coat OEM. With a choice of standard or specialized thermal barriers and powerful Insight™ analysis software, Oven Tracker® XL2 facilitates control & optimization of your cure process.
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Datapaq Specialty Oven Profiling Systems

These system solutions are designed to meet specialized process requirements in a variety of applications, including: coil coating line ovens, fabric processing in stenter, rotomolding oven profiling, three piece can wicket oven cure, aluminum bottle/tube monoblock and physical vapor deposition.
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Datapaq® Furnace Tracker Systems - Thermal Barriers

The Datapaq Furnace Tracker System is designed to be used repeatedly, in-process in the most hostile manufacturing environments, while still providing accurate and reliable through-process temperature surveys. Each system can help users improve performance and system accuracy, decrease downtime, reduce TUS reporting times and more.
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