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Glass Making

Get precision temperature measurments for the glass industry

Precision temperature measurements are critical to the glass-making process. We supply a range of advanced solutions designed specifically for the glass industry, meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Glass is used for a variety of purposes, and can be shaped, toughened, coloured, laminated or treated to suit specific requirements. Our measurement systems provide accurate temperature monitoring to support these applications.

As the world leader in temperature measurement, AMETEK Land has supplied the glass industry with essential equipment for more than 70 years. Our specifically designed instruments provide accurate results at key locations throughout the process.

Precision temperature measurements are critical to the glas-making process. We supply a range of advanced solutionbs specifically for the glass industry, meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Specific Glass Making Applications

Architectural Glass

Glass for building purposes requires precise temperature monitoring to ensure it complies with regulatory standards. Our highly accurate measurement system compensates for emissivity for a true result. 

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Automotive Glass

Production plants for automotive glass around the world benefit from the Landscan WCA system, which provides fast-response quality control and detailed thermal imaging to detect defects.

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AMETEK Land provides an extensive range of temperature measurement solutions for every stage of the container glass production process, including melt tank and annealing lehr applications.

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Fibreglass and Rockwool

The processes for creating fibreglass and rockwool require temperature measurements for efficiency and quality control. We have specialist solutions to improve your process.

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Fibre-Optic Communication

The quality and performance of fibre-optic communications depends on accurate temperature monitoring during production. AMETEK Land offers dedicated solutions for the essential measurement points. 

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Flat Glass

We have accurate thermometer, linescanner and thermal imager solutions for each step of the process for manufacturing flat glass, including melt tank condition monitoring.

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Glass Toughening and Bending

Uniform heating is essential to shaping glass and toughening it. We provide a system that compensates for surface coatings, providing accurate temperature monitoring. 

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Specialty Glass

Our temperature measurement solutions deliver accuracy and reliability at every stage of speciality glass production, from the batch inlet to the annealing lehr exit.

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To obtain the quality required for tableware, glass temperature must be measured at key locations. We provide precise, stable thermometers and thermal imagers for this application.

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