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The new HOBO Wind Monitoring Station is an easy to deploy, low-cost cellular solution, allowing you to reliably monitor and alarm wind conditions.
The HOBO MicroRX Water Level Station is a cellular, web-enabled water level monitoring solution for stormwater, floodwater, irrigation, hydrologic, and environmental applications
25 Jul 2019 HOBO MicroRX Station
The compact and rugged HOBO MicroRX Station is an easy-to-deploy, low-cost cellular solution for long-term, reliable field monitoring.
IMACIMUS Multi ION allows for quick and reliable ion measurement. Simultaneously Measure and display 10 Parameters (7 ions/nutrients/ pH /conductivity/ water hardness) in Real Time.
The RCS-5A Series integrator converts Magnelab RopeCT input voltage to 5 A AC RMS output.
The portable dew point meter with integrated, rechargeable battery has been developed especially for field use.
Designed for easy customization for nearly any application or type of equipment, the WattNode Module provides bidirectional energy and power readings via an RS-485 port using Modbus RTU communications.
Temperature Buffers stabilise short variations and erratic temperature readings.
The ALTA Wireless Advanced Vibration Meter uses an accelerometer to measure vibration and frequency on 3 axes.
A small, compact Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor.