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Shimaden FP23 Series Advanced Program Controller

High performance program controller up to 400 steps, 20 patterns.
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Shimaden FP93 Series, Program Controller

Program controller up to 40 steps, 1, 2 or 4 patterns.
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Shimaden KR16, 6 Point Selector Switch

Up to 6 Inputs can be directed to one indicator.
$338.00 ex GST

Shimaden Lite FREE Software for Shimaden Controllers

Shimaden Lite is a simple user interface for operator type changes to a controller.
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Shimaden SD16 Indicator 48 x 96mm

A low cost universal indicator with a large 20mm display.
$325.00 ex GST

Shimaden SD24 Advanced Digital Indicator, 48 x 96mm

The SD24 is an advanced, high accuracy indicator with any features making it suitable for the most demanding applications
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Shimaden SR1 Series Controllers, Low Cost

Shimaden SR1 Series low cost Controllers
$140.00 ex GST

Shimaden SR23 Series Controllers, advanced top of the range controllers

Advanced control for demanding applications.
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Shimaden SR80 Series Controllers, special application control. Models SR82 SR83 SR84

Shimaden SR80 series are suitable for applications with higher accuracy control is required.
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Shimaden SR90 Series Controllers, for most general control applications, Models SR91 SR92 SR93 SR94

Low cost, suitable for most general control applications. "Our Best Seller"
$232.00 ex GST

Shimaden SRS10 Series advanced controllers, feature packed, compact size, with program function.

Shimaden SRS10 Series controllers are a middle of the range controller for demanding applications that require special functions and features. A 32 Step program functions is just one of the features.
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