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Fixed Spot Thermometers

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PyroSigma Miniature Pyrometer with Built-in Display, 0-1000 Deg C

PyroSigma - Miniature Pyrometer with Built-in Display, 0-1000 Deg C
$378.00 (ex gst)


PC Configurable Infrared Temperature Sensors with 4-20 mA Output
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SPOT AL - Aluminium Applications Pyrometer

An advanced non-contact infrared pyrometer providing a single sensor solution for aluminium extrusion, strip mill, forming / forging and further processing.
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Calex ExTemp intrinsically safe infrared temperature sensor, ATEX and IECEx certified

Calex ExTemp intrinsically safe infrared Thermometer with ATEX and IECEx rating makes it suitable for many applications in hazardous areas.
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Calex FibreMini Infrared Thermometer

Fibre Optic Infrared Temperature Sensor for Harsh Applications
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Calex PyroCouple Series Infrared Thermometer

Temperature range: -20°C to 500°C, General Purpose low cost thermometer.
$313.00 (ex gst)

Calex PyroCube G For measuring glass surface temperature

The PyroCube G measures glass surface temperatures from 50°C to 2400°C.
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Calex PyroCube M - For low-temperature metals

PyroCube M - Pyrometer with fast response and small measurement spot, for low-temperature metals
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Calex PyroCube P Thin film plastic temperature measurement

The PyroCube is an infrared pyrometer with an extremely fast response time and a very small measurement area size suitable for Thin Film Plastic Temperature Measurement.
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Calex PyroCube S and F For small targets and fast measurements

Calex PyroCube infrared temperature sensor with fast response, small measured spot and LED sighting
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Calex PyroEpsilon Series Infrared Thermometers

A Compact Non-Contact Temperature Sensor with Controllable Emissivity Setting for changing product applications, Temperature range: -20°C to 500°C
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Calex PyroMiniBus Multi-Channel Infrared Temperature Monitoring System

Calex PyroMiniBus Multi-Channel Infrared Temperature Monitoring System with miniature sensing heads and display modules.
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Calex PyroNFC - Smartphone Configurable Infrared Temperature Sensor

The PyroNFC Smartphone Configurable Infrared Temperature Sensor for -20-1000 Deg C
$313.00 (ex gst)

Land - System 4 High Precision Thermometers

SYSTEM 4 thermometers offer exceptional flexibility with a choice of single wavelength, ratio, fibroptic and fibroptic ratio models.
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Land RT8A Rugged, High-Performance Roadstone Infrared Thermometers

The new Land RT8A infrared thermometers are ideal for the Roadstone Industry and provide cost effective, accurate and reliable temperature measurement of moving materials, webs or inaccessible objects without contact.
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Land SOLOnet Digital Thermometers

SOLOnet is the world's first compact web browser enabled infrared thermometer system offering the user maximum flexibility and connectivity. With SOLOnet the user can configure the thermometer system to suit his individual measurement and control requirements
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LAND SPOT Infrared Thermometer

SPOT is a family of fully featured, high performance pyrometers for fixed non-contact infrared spot temperature measurements.
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Land System 4 Signal Processors

Landmark Processors are designed to produce the process control variables you need from ANY of the System 4 thermometers. With this total compaitibility, you can choose a processor which provides the features and performance you need to meet the requirements of your application.
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Land UNO - Stand Alone Thermometers

A range of stand alone thermometers answering the needs of OEM's, plant designers and process operators for a rugged, low cost temperature sensor which will integrate directly into a 4 to 20mA measuring, monitoring or control loop.
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PyroCube XS For extremely small targets

The PyroCube XS is a range of infrared temperature sensors with tightly focused optics that can measure very small areas.
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PyroMini 2.2 Two-part Pyrometer for High Temperature Targets and Metals

Miniature Infrared Temperature Sensor for Demanding Applications with Optional Touch Screen. 100 to 2000Deg C
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PyroMini Infrared Thermometer and Touch Screen

The Calex PyroMini is a Miniature Infrared Temperature Sensor with Touch Screen Interface, 4 to 20 mA or RS485 output and alarm relay outputs.
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PyroMiniUSB Infrared Temperature Sensor for Benchtop, Laboratory and Education

Miniature non-contact temperature sensor with USB communications for temperatures from -20°C to 1000°C
from $25.00 (ex gst)

SPOT GS - Galvannealed And Galvanized Strip

An advanced non-contact infrared spot pyrometer specifically designed for continuous, highly accurate measurements of coated steel strip temperature during the galvanneal reaction.
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PyroMini OEM Low-Cost Pyrometer

PyroMini OEM Low-Cost Pyrometer for Machine Manufacturers, Measurement ranges from -20°C to 500°C and High Temperature Head
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