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Pressure Measurement

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VCP PAT - Air Differential Pressure Transmitters

Flexible & Multi Functional Air Differential Pressure Transmitter PAT-series
from $296.00 (ex gst)

VCP 930-series - Air Differential Pressure Switches

930-series is suitable for low differential pressure switching applications in air-conditioning systems for providing indication of fan status or filter dirty.
$45.00 (ex gst)

VCP PTO-series - Air Differential Pressure Transmitters

An Air Differential Pressure Transmitter PTO 500V with output 0-10 Vdc and pressure range 0-500 Pa.
$160.00 (ex gst)

VCP PAM1 - Air Differential Pressure Transmitter, IP67

The air pressure transmitter PAM 1-series is used for measuring differential pressure, volume flow in air, above-atmospheric or below-atmospheric.
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Jumo Midas S05 - General Purpose Pressure Transmitter Stainless

The JUMO MIDAS S05 pressure transmitter is available with both relative pressure and absolute pressure measurement ranges. The S05 has all stainless steel wetted parts.
$543.00 (ex gst)

Sauermann Si-PM3 - Digital Differential Pressure Manometer

The palm-sized Sauermann Si-PM3 digital differential pressure manometer easily measures pressure.
$319.00 (ex gst)

Intech LPN-DP – Differential Pressure Transmitters

Programmable Differential Pressure Input to 4~20mA Loop Powered Output Transmitters
$982.00 (ex gst)

Jumo dTRANS p31 - Pressure transmitter for increased medium temperature (type 40.2050)

The pressure transmitter JUMO dTRANS p31 is used to measure fluids and gas in hygienic applications
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Jumo CANtrans p - Pressure transmitter with CANopen output (type 40.2055)

Pressure Transmitter with CANopen Protocol
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Jumo Delos SI - Electronic Pressure Transmitter with Display 405052

The new JUMO DELOS SI is an electronic pressure transmitter with 4-20mA or 0-10VDC analogue output, a switched output and a brilliant Backlit LCD display of the process pressure and state of the switch.
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Jumo MAERA S28 - Level measurement probe, Loop Powered 4-20mA, Model 404392

The type 404392 level probe is a 2-wire 4~20mA submersible transmitter used for the hydrostatic measurement of levels in liquids up to 100m.
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Jumo MAERA S25 - Level Measuring Probe (401015)

Economical level measurement for up to 10m of water
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Jumo MAERA F27 - Level measurement probe (type 404391)

level probes are used for hydrostatic liquid level measurement in tanks or for determining the level in open waters
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Jumo dTRANS p02 Delta - Pressure transmitter with display type 404382

The JUMO dTRANS p02 DELTA pressure transmitter measures the differential pressure of non-aggressive and aggressive gasses, vapors and fluids
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Jumo dTRANS p02 - Pressure Transmitter with display 404385

A pressure transmitter with LCD display. Suitable for relative and absolute pressures and levels.
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Jumo dTRANS p02 Ceramic - pressure transmitter with display 404387

A pressure transmitter with flanged connection and LCD display. Suitable for relative and absolute pressures and levels.
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Jumo dTRANS p20 Delta - differential pressure transmitter with display (type 40.3022)

The JUMO dTRANS p20 DELTA differential pressure transmitter with HART® interface, combines highest precision and easy operation. Suitable to measure the differential pressure of gases, vapors and fluids. The integrated LCD displays measured values and device data.
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Jumo dTRANS p20 - Process pressure transmitter with display (type 40.3025)

The JUMO dTRANS p20 pressure transmitter with HART® interface combining the highest precision and easy operation. Suitable for the measurement of relative and absolute pressure of gases, vapours and fluids.
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Jumo MIDAS DP10 - OEM Differential Pressure Transmitter

A pressure transmitter with silicon sensor is used to detect the differential pressure (0 to 0.4 bar – 0 to 16 bar) in liquid, gaseous, and low-aggressive media.
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Kimo PST Series Manostats

A pressure Stat with relay output
from $420.00 (ex gst)

Kimo CP110 - Pressure sensor

Pressure sensor with analogue output, 5 Ranges, Models: CP111, CP112, CP113, CP114, CP115
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Kimo CP116 - Atmospheric pressure sensor

Atmospheric pressure sensor with analogue output
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Kimo CP210-R - Differential pressure and temperature sensor

Kimo’s CP 210-R measures air velocity, airflow & pressure and is ideal for use in industrial and pharmaceutical applications.
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Jumo Taros S46 H - Pressure Transmitter

Used is the food and pharmaceutical industry, the Taros S46 H offers process reliability through a high degree of accuracy over a wide temperature range. The measuring ranges are between 0.1 and 100 bar rel. pressure or between 0.25 and 40 bar abs. pressure.
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Jumo Taros S47 P - Pressure Transmitter

Used in mechanical and plant engineering amongst other things, the Taros S47 P offers high process reliability through maximum accuracy as well as over a wide temperature range. The measuring ranges are between 0.1 and 100 bar rel. or 0.6 and 40 bar abs.
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Jumo Maera S26 - Level Probe

The probe measures the level of liquids continuously and hydrostatically. It can be used in ventilated tanks where the filling height is between 2.50 mWS and 10 mWS.
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Intech IN-LLT-17 – Submersible Level Transmitters for Water Applications - Slim Diameter

Small diameter hydrostatic level transmitter for liquid level measurement.
from $1,051.00 (ex gst)

Intech IN-LLT - Submersible Level Transmitter - Water Applications

The Intech IN-LLT hydrostatic level transmitter is a fully sealed submersible pressure instrument designed for liquid level measurement.
from $1,008.00 (ex gst)

Milesight EM500-SWL - Wireless Submersible Water Level Sensor

The EM500-SWL is a cutting-edge sensor designed for precise liquid level measurement. Leveraging LoRaWAN® technology, it ensures reliable data transmission and low power consumption, with a battery life of up to 10 years. With its versatility, it's widely used in diverse environments to monitor levels in water tanks, oil storage tanks, rivers, and dams.
from $534.00 (ex gst)
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