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TFC-305P and 307P Digital Thermometer, Single and Dual Type K Thermocouple

Digital Thermometer with a Type "K" Thermocouple input. Available with single or dual input.
$99.00 ex GST

CHY805 RTD Thermometer - High Accuracy

A single input, High Accuracy, digital thermometer with RTD input. - Ideal as a NATA Calibrated Reference thermometer
$196.00 ex GST

Digital Thermometer for Fridge / Freezer

This digital thermometer has an external sensor for your fridge / Freezer and also room temperature. Min/Max Temperatures and alarm for out of specification.
$28.00 ex GST

Food Thermometer for HACCP

The TCT512BH is a fast response thermometer designed for food safety. A flip out probe with 3 sec response time and a Green/Red backlit display for safe food temperatures.
From $75.20 ex GST

Digital Differential Pressure Manometer

The palm-sized Sauermann Si-PM3 digital differential pressure manometer easily measures pressure.
$234.00 ex GST

Dual Input Thermometer K Thermocouple Temperature

The palm-sized Sauermann Si-TT3 dual input thermometer easily measures K thermocouple temperature.
$217.00 ex GST

Infrared thermometer

The palm-sized Sauermann Si-TI3 infrared thermometer is a key instrument to diagnose, inspect and check any temperature, with the advantage of using “no-contact” technology. An infrared thermometer measures surface temperatures of hot objects that are dangerous or difficult to access.
$134.00 ex GST

Thermo-hygrometer with integrated thermo-hygrometry probe

The palm-sized Sauermann Si-HH3 thermo-hygrometer easily measures relative humidity and temperature.
$185.00 ex GST

Vane Thermo-anemometer with integrated vane probe

The palm-sized Sauermann Si-VV3 vane thermo-anemometer easily measures airflow, air velocity & temperature with its vane probe.
$185.00 ex GST

MPV - Instrument Case

ABS Instrument Case with Purge Valve
From $70.00 ex GST

Digital Stem Thermometer

This digital thermometer features fast response, min/max memory and data hold.
$29.95 ex GST

Jumbo Display Thermometer/Hygrometer

Displays the temperature and humidity together on the one huge LCD display. It also has a min / max function
$35.00 ex GST

ThermaTwin TCT303F HACCP Food Infrared Thermometer up to 330 Deg C

Infrared thermometers with built in contact type thermocouple probe. This dual sensors thermometer can be very useful with both non-contact and contact temperature measurements designed for food application.
From $110.40 ex GST

ThermaTwin TN410LCE Infrared Thermometer -60 to 500C with Laser and LED Light

The TN410LCE Infrared Thermometer is a professional non-contact thermometer with circular laser sighting. It also features a built-in socket that accepts K-type thermocouples.
From $126.40 ex GST

E Instruments AQ Expert Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Providing the latest in Monitoring & Data Logging for IAQ testing in Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Labs, Clean Rooms, Airports, & more
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E Instruments AQ Pro Indoor Air Quality Monitor for the IAQ Professional

The Latest in Indoor Air Quality Monitoring & Real-Time Data-Logging for IAQ Analysis in Hospitals, Schools, Labs, Airports, and much more
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E Instruments AQ VOC Indoor Air Quality Monitor for the IAQ Professional

The E Instruments VOC Monitor, the AQ VOC, provides indoor air quality testing.
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Si-AQ Comfort - Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

The Si-AQ Comfort is our basic indoor air quality monitor, meant for use in homes, schools and other public work spaces.
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Compact Digital Sound Level Meter

A sound level meter featuring a wide dynamic range from 30 to 130dB, it can measure both A and C weightings to get the right response for the human ear.
$130.00 ex GST

Micro Sound Level Meter

With a range of 40 - 130dB, this little meter is ideal for environmental, safety and sound system testing.
$50.00 ex GST

Airflow cone for hotwire and vane anemometers

Air Flow Cones for measuring direct air flows in ventilators and HVAC
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CO110 CO meter

CO : 0 to 500 ppm Temperature : -20 to +80°C
$721.00 ex GST

Kimo AMI 310 Multifunction Meter

Kimo’s AMI 310 measures simultaneous parameters including pressure, temperature (Pt100 and thermocouple), humidity, air quality (CO/CO2), air velocity, airflow (vane probes and hotwire), and tachometry.
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Kimo AQ110 CO2 Air Quality Meter

CO2 : 0 to 5000 ppm Temperature : -20 to +80°C
$605.00 ex GST

Kimo CT110 Tachometer

Optic : 0 to 60 000 rpm Contact : 0 to 20 000 rpm
$778.00 ex GST

Kimo DF 110 Detector of refrigerant gases and hydrogen

Detection of all the HCFC et HFC refrigerants
$769.00 ex GST

Kimo FG 110 Gas leak detector

0 to 10 000 ppm, 0 to 1 %vol, 0 to 20 %LEL
$619.00 ex GST

Kimo HD110 Thermo-hygrometer

Humidity : 5 to 95 %RH Temperature : -20 to +70°C Dew point : -40 to +70°Ctd
$536.00 ex GST

Kimo LV110 / 111 / 117 Thermo-anemometer with vane probe

LV 110 : Ø100 mm vane probe. , LV 117 : Ø70 mm vane probe. , LV 111 : Ø14 mm vane probe.
$910.00 ex GST

Kimo LV130 Thermo-anemometer with integrated vane probe

Air velocity: 0,3 to 35 m/s, Airflow: 0 to 99 999 m3/h, Temperature : 0 to +50°C
$758.00 ex GST

Kimo MP 130 Micromanometer for gas network leak test

-200 to +200 mbar
$1,230.00 ex GST

Kimo MP110, MP111, MP112, MP115 Micromanometer

MP 110 : -1000 to +1000 Pa, MP 111 : -1000 to +1000 mmH2O, MP 112 : -2000 to +2000 mbar, MP 115 : -500 to +500 mbar
$530.00 ex GST

Kimo MP120 Micromanometer with air velocity calculation with Pitot tube

Pressure : -1000 to +1000 Pa, Air velocity : 0 to 40 m/s
$845.00 ex GST

Kimo TR110 TR112 Pt100 thermometer

TR 110 : 1 channel, TR 112 : 2 channels
$351.00 ex GST

Kimo VT110, VT115 Thermo-anemometer with hotwire

Air velocity : 0,15 to 30 m/s, Temperature : 0 to +50°C, Airflow : 0 to 99 999 m3/h
$956.00 ex GST

Kimo Humidity Probes

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Kimo Telescopic extension

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Kimo Temperature Probes

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Kimo Vane Probe Plus

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