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Food & Beverage Temperature Monitoring Solutions

At OneTemp, we offer advanced monitoring and control solutions that are designed specifically for the food & beverage industry. Offering a wide range of products from single and multi-use temperature data loggers to commercial refrigeration kits, controllers for temperature monitoring systems, and more, you can be sure to find the perfect solution for your business.

Our single-use and multi-use data loggers help make it easy to monitor your perishable goods while they’re in transit so you can ensure their safety and quality throughout transport & storage. Additionally, our wireless commercial refrigeration kit includes everything you need to simplify temperature monitoring in your cold stores and commercial freezers.

We also provide a range of other temperature monitoring solutions including handheld contact & non-contact thermometers, RTD & thermocouples, fixed infrared thermometers, as well as temperature profiling systems for your cooking/freezing processes. Our products are reliable with proven accuracy so you can have complete assurance over the safety of your goods.

With an extensive selection of products available, trust OneTemp for all your food & beverage monitoring needs!

Shipment Temperature Tracking

Ensure the safe transportation of perishable products with our efficient shipment temperature data loggers. These compact and lightweight devices offer reliable temperature monitoring throughout the entire supply chain. Benefit from accurate temperature records and easily obtain a detailed report at the end of the journey. Alternatively, opt for our 4G models for live tracking and monitoring of your valuable shipments.

Experience peace of mind with our advanced temperature tracking solutions.

View the range here >>

Temperature Monitoring & Control Solutions

Our range of products and services allow you to confidently monitor and keep track of temperatures throughout your entire manufacturing process. We also provide a wide variety of temperature monitoring solutions ranging from handheld devices, custom RTDs & thermocouples to a large range of non-contact infrared thermometers. Plus, our food temperature profiling systems enable you to evaluate different processing parameters during any manufacturing process quickly! In addition, we have a selection of temperature Controllers for precise control of your process which integrates seamlessly with our monitoring solutions.

Explore the range of temperature instruments we have available below:

RTD & Thermocouple Temperature Sensors >>

Fixed Infrared Thermometers >>

Handheld Thermometers >>

Temperature Profiling Systems >>

Temperature Controllers >>

Commercial Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring

We also offer a Commercial Wireless Refrigeration Kit — an affordable, easy-to-use kit that comes with everything you need in order to accurately and easily monitor temperature levels in both your cold stores and commercial freezers. 

Simplify your temperature monitoring process today!

Explore our Customisable Kit here >>


Need help finding what you're looking for?

Our specialists are here to assist you in making the right choice. You can also check out further options below for more variety and selection:

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Monnit Commercial Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring Kit

Monnit's Commercial Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring kit is perfect for ensuring complete peace of mind when it comes to temperature tracking and monitoring in commercial refrigeration systems. This affordable, easy-to-use kit includes everything you need to simplify temperature monitoring in your cold stores and commercial freezers.
$0.00 (ex gst)

Tempmate ®-S1 (V2) - Single-Use Temperature Data Logger

Pre-Programmable Single-Use PDF USB Data Logger for Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring. Automatic PDF report generation without installing any software. Built-in USB port, no cables or readers required.
from $19.20 (ex gst)

Tempmate -S1 Pro - Single-Use Temp or Temp/RH Data Logger

Single-use temperature data loggers to monitor temperature or temperature and humidity across your supply chain.
from $20.80 (ex gst)

Calex PyroCouple Series Infrared Thermometer

The PyroCouple is a simple infrared temperature sensor suitable for non-contact temperature measurement on various surfaces between -20°C to 500°C. This general Purpose Infrared Temperature Sensor offers an Analogue Output
$0.00 (ex gst)

Calex PyroMini - Infrared Temperature Sensor

The Calex PyroMini is a Miniature Infrared Temperature Sensor with Separate Electronics Module & Optional Touch Screen Interface, 4 to 20 mA or RS485 output and alarm relay outputs.
call for pricing

Tempmate -GS2 - Real-Time Temperature, RH & Light Data Logger

Single-use data logger for real-time measurement of temperature, humidity and light. GSM tracking and LTE 4G connectivity for smart logistics worldwide.
from $146.00 (ex gst)

OneTemp PT100 RTD Temperature Sensor

PT100 RTD Temperature sensor with stainless steel sheath and PVC or Teflon lead.
$58.00 (ex gst)

Shimaden SR90 Series Controllers - for most general control applications

Low cost, suitable for most general control applications. "Our Best Seller"
$0.00 (ex gst)

Tzone TempU02 - Single Use PDF Temperature Data Logger

A Temperature Data Logger for single use with PDF Reporting via USB.
from $15.50 (ex gst)

Tzone TempU03 - Multi Use Temperature and Humidity USB Data Logger

The TZone TempU03 Multi-Use USB Temp & RH Data Logger is ideal for cold-chain monitoring and documentation of critical temperature and relative humidity conditions in laboratories, pharmaceutical, medical, storage, freezers, coolers, shipping containers, warehouses, environmental monitoring and food storage applications.
from $65.30 (ex gst)

Tzone TempU04 - Multi Use Temperature USB Data Logger

TZone TempU04 Multi-Use USB Temperature Data Logger is ideal for crucial cold-chain monitoring and documentation in labs, pharmaceutical, medical, storage, freezers, coolers, shipping containers, warehouses, environmental monitoring, and food storage applications.
from $50.30 (ex gst)

Tzone TempU06 - Bluetooth & USB Temperature Data Logger

Ideal for environments requiring high sensitivity monitoring with external temperature probe for low temperatures with both USB and Bluetooth Connectivity for easy access to report downloads.
$175.00 (ex gst)

Tzone TempU08 - Single-Use Temp or Temp/RH Data Logger

A disposable temperature data logger with PDF Reporting via USB and a LCD screen specially designed for cold chain. The TempU08 is mainly used to monitor and record the temperature data of food, medicine, chemical products and other products in the process of storage and transportation.
from $16.70 (ex gst)

Calex FibreCube - Fibre Optic Pyrometer

The FibreCube is a high-performance temperature measurement device with fast response time, precise readings, and versatile features. It offers temperature ranges from 100°C to 2,000°C and comes with a miniature fibre optic sensing head and optional display unit for ease of use.
call for pricing

Calex PyroSigma - Mini Pyrometer w/- Built-in Display (0-1000°C)

The PyroSigma is a compact, fixed-mount sensor that measures surface temperature without contact from 0-1000°C. it features an OLED display and configurable alarm output.
$459.00 (ex gst)

Tempmate.®-M2 Multi Use Temp or Temp/RH Data Logger

Full control over the condition of your goods. Multi-use data logger for monitor temperature or temperature and rel. humidity, even in extreme temperature ranges.
from $66.50 (ex gst)

Calex PyroMiniBus - Multi-Channel Infrared Temperature Monitoring System

Calex PyroMiniBus Multi-Channel Infrared Temperature Monitoring System with miniature sensing heads and display modules measures temperatures from -20°C to 1000°C, offering direct RS485 Modbus communications and compact design.
call for pricing

Datapaq - Food Tracker System

The Datapaq® Food Tracker® temperature profiling systems are comprised of a data logger, a protective thermal barrier and Insight software. With a Datapaq system, you can guarantee the quality and safety of your cooked meats, poultry, bakery products and ready-to-eat meals.
call for pricing

OneTemp PT100 RTD with Aluminium Connection Head

PT100, RTD temperature sensor with 6.4mm (1/4") stem diameter and a variety of lengths are stocked. This sensor has a IP65 aluminium connection head with a high temperature ceramic connection block or Transmitter. Ideal for general purpose applications up to 260C.
$109.00 (ex gst)

OneTemp RTD Sensor with Triclover flange

OneTemp's food temperature sensor is manufactured to industry standards for use in the food industry. It incorporates a tri-clover sanitary flange and Stainless Steel Head.
call for pricing

OneTemp RTD Sensor with BSM flange

The RM-H food temperature sensor is manufactured to industry standards for use in the food industry. It incorporates a BSM sanitary flange and Stainless Steel Head.
call for pricing

OneTemp High Accuracy RTD Temperature Probe (suits CHY805 Thermometer)

Hand Held High Acuracy Sensor to suit CHY805 RTD Digital Thermometers
$0.00 (ex gst)

OneTemp General Purpose Hand Held Sensor

Thermocouple for immersion and air temperatures
$84.00 (ex gst)

CHY805 RTD Thermometer - High Accuracy

A single input, High Accuracy, digital thermometer with RTD input. - Ideal as a NATA Calibrated Reference thermometer
$219.00 (ex gst)

ZyTemp HACCP Food Infrared Thermometer (up to 330 Deg C)

Infrared thermometers with built in contact type thermocouple probe. This dual sensors thermometer can be very useful with both non-contact and contact temperature measurements designed for food application.
from $116.00 (ex gst)

ZyTemp TCT512 - Food Thermometer for HACCP

The TCT512 is a fast response thermometer designed for food safety. A flip out probe with 3 sec response time and a Green/Red backlit display for safe food temperatures.
from $75.20 (ex gst)

TFC-305P and 307P Digital Thermometer, Single and Dual Type K Thermocouple

Digital Thermometer with a Type "K" Thermocouple input. Available with single or dual input.
from $106.00 (ex gst)

Pixsys ATR121 - Universal Controller 32 x 74mm

Pixsys ATR121 - Double setpoint Controller or Indicator
$215.00 (ex gst)

Intech IN-uP4 - Universal Input Indicator

The IN-uP4 is a universal single input indicator, which makes interface with a wide range of sensors easy.
$390.00 (ex gst)

Intech LPN-H - Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

The LPN-H is a complete relative humidity and temperature current loop sensing module, with two independent loop powered 4~20mA outputs, one for Humidity (0~100%RH) and one for temperature (0~100°C).
from $545.00 (ex gst)

Intech uP4-Din - Universal Input Indicator, DIN Rail Mount

The uP4-Din is a DIN rail mount, universal indicator, with two relay outputs and optional Analogue output.
from $499.00 (ex gst)

Shimaden SD16 - Indicator 48 x 96mm

This product has been discontinued. Please refer to the SD17 for an alternative option.
call for pricing

Jumo 907031 - Humidity/Temperature Sensors for Demanding Industrial Applications (hygrometric)

Ideal for high Humidity areas, withstands water wash down
call for pricing

Jumo DICON touch - Process and Program Controller

The DICON touch is a universal process and program controller with either 2 or 4 control channels, which displays information on a vibrant display and is operated intuitively with touchscreen and optional integrated paperless recorder.
call for pricing

Jumo Logoscreen 601 - Paperless Recorder

Logoscreen 601 Paperless Recorder with Touchscreen visualizes and records process data in a tamper-proof manner and an intuitive, icon-based operation concept that makes it easy to operate.
call for pricing

Jumo Logoscreen 700 - Paperless Recorder

The JUMO LOGOSCREEN 700 paperless recorder is characterized by an intuitive, icon-based operation and visualization concept that makes it easy to operate.
call for pricing

Jumo Wall Mount RTD Sensor

Jumo Wall Mount PT100 RTD Sensor for Indoor and Outdoor installations with a waterproof sensor.
$78.00 (ex gst)

HOBO MX100 - Temperature Bluetooth Data Logger

Onset’s HOBO MX100 is a low-cost, splash-proof data logger that measures and transmits temperature data wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.
$124.00 (ex gst)

HOBO UX120-014M - 4-Channel Thermocouple Data Logger

The HOBO UX120 Thermocouple Logger is a four-channel LCD data logger for measuring and recording temperature in a range of monitoring applications. The logger makes it easy and convenient to record temperatures over a broad range (-260 to 1820° C) and can accept up to four J, K, T, E, R, S, B, or N type probes.
$733.00 (ex gst)

HOBO U12 Stainless Temperature Data Logger

The HOBO U12 Stainless Temperature Data Logger is ideal for food, pharmaceutical, autoclave, and other applications where high-accuracy temperature data is critical. With its broad temperature range (-40 to 125C) and food-grade stainless steel housing, the U12 Stainless Temperature Data Logger withstands process conditions from pasteurization to flash freezing and washdown. The U12 Stainless is also ideal for high-temperature or deep underwater applications.
$735.00 (ex gst)

HOBO - 5-Inch Probe Temperature Data Logger

The HOBO U12 Stainless 5-inch Probe Temperature Data Logger is ideal for monitoring internal temperature of foods or any application where fast response is critical.
$1,092.00 (ex gst)

HOBO MX1105 4 Channel Analogue Data Logger

The HOBO MX1105 multi-channel data logger, with four-channel inputs, measures and transmits data wirelessly from a variety of sensors to your mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.
$460.00 (ex gst)

InTemp CX402 Fridge/Freezer Temperature Bluetooth Data Logger (with Probe)

InTemp CX402-xxM with Probe data loggers monitor temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature-controlled environments to comply with global GDP requirements. The loggers communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth to mobile devices.
from $362.00 (ex gst)

InTemp CX500 Series Temperature Bluetooth Data Logger

The InTemp CX500 Series Bluetooth® Low Energy data loggers are single-use and multi-use loggers that records temperature data for up to 365 days. Designed for Cold Chain, CRT, and Frozen shipments, the CX502 is ideal for sea container, long haul, and parcel shipments.
from $119.00 (ex gst)
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