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HOBO MX2200 Bluetooth Water Temperature

The new HOBO MX2200 Series water temperature loggers bring convenient wireless setup and download to Onset's field-proven TidbiT and Pendant water temp loggers! These new models feature the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to deliver high-accuracy temperature measurements straight to your iOS or Android mobile device. No need to take a laptop or shuttle into the field!

With its rugged case design, expanded memory and both temperature and temperature/light models, these loggers are ideal for measuring temperature in streams, lakes, oceans and soil environments.

HOBO MX2205 TidbiT - Water Temperature w/- External Sensor Bluetooth Data Logger

A waterproof data logger with both an internal sensor and an external sensor that’s designed for monitoring fast-changing temperatures; can be deployed just above water or soil, for the most convenient wireless data download to your mobile device or laptop.
$376.00 (ex gst)