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Shipment Temperature Loggers: Your Solution to Cold Chain Challenges

Safeguard Quality. Ensure Compliance. Transform Your Cold Chain Process.

Welcome to the future of cold chain monitoring in Australia's food and beverage industry. Our shipment temperature loggers are designed to monitor the temperature of your products, from farm to fork.

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Why Choose Our Shipment Temperature Loggers?

Our loggers are more than just devices; they're your partners in ensuring product quality and regulatory compliance. Here's why they're the cool solution you've been looking for:

Precision Matters: Get reliable temperature readings throughout the journey. Our loggers ensure every degree is accounted for, eliminating the risk of spoilage due to temperature variations.

Regulatory Compliance: Adhere to HACCP requirements with ease. 

Control Your Supply Chain: Save time and money by monitoring your cold chain in real-time. Locate your sensitive goods, monitor environmental factors, and react quickly in case of alarm.

Smart Cargo Monitoring: Track key environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, shock, and light. Prevent losses with proactive alarms based on configurable thresholds.

Improve Customer Satisfaction: Provide real-time location data and ensure your products always arrive in peak condition.

Try Before You Buy

Not sure if our shipment temperature loggers are the right fit for your needs? We're so confident in our product that we're offering a free sample of the tempmate -S1 PRO Temp/RH data logger sample today. Experience the difference firsthand.

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Ready to Transform Your Cold Chain Process?

Take the first step towards a more efficient, compliant, and quality-focused cold chain process. Browse our range of shipment temperature loggers and find the perfect solution for your needs.

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* PLEASE NOTE: Free samples can only be shipped to addresses in Australia.  


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Tempmate -S1 Pro - Single-Use Temp or Temp/RH Data Logger

Single-use temperature data loggers to monitor temperature or temperature and humidity across your supply chain.
from $20.80 (ex gst)

Tempmate - GM2 - Real-Time Temp, RH, Light & Location Data Logger

The tempmate.®-GM2 has been designed to revolutionise supply chain management by digitising and automating the monitoring process. It ensures precision and security in real-time tracking of location and environmental conditions, backed by 4G worldwide coverage. Easy to install and resilient against network or power failures, the device provides optimised traceability with automated data uploads to the cloud and secure internal storage during connectivity loss.
from $402.00 (ex gst)

Tempmate ®-S1 (V2) - Single-Use Temperature Data Logger

Pre-Programmable Single-Use PDF USB Data Logger for Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring. Automatic PDF report generation without installing any software. Built-in USB port, no cables or readers required.
from $19.20 (ex gst)

Tempmate -S2 - Single-Use Temp or Temp/RH Data Logger

Easy monitoring of your most important parameters. Single-use temperature data logger to monitor temperature or temperature and rel. humidity in your supply chain.
from $22.90 (ex gst)

Tempmate.®-M2 Multi Use Temp or Temp/RH Data Logger

Full control over the condition of your goods. Multi-use data logger for monitor temperature or temperature and rel. humidity, even in extreme temperature ranges.
from $66.50 (ex gst)

Tempmate -GS2 - Real-Time Temperature, RH & Light Data Logger

Single-use data logger for real-time measurement of temperature, humidity and light. GSM tracking and LTE 4G connectivity for smart logistics worldwide.
from $146.00 (ex gst)
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