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Process Sensors

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Guardian-HD Web Profiling System

Complete web profiling for challenging converting processes. Accurate moisture, coat weight and film thickness profiles for process control in even the most difficult converting applications
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MCT460 On-line NIR Smart Sensor

Reliable in-process monitoring of multiple constituents for improved process control, increased yield and maximum production efficiency
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MCT460-WP - Wood Products Moisture Transmitter

The MCT460-WP is an in-line Moisture Analyser for Wood Products.
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MCT460-T Tobacco On-line NIR Smart Sensor

The MCT460-T Tobacco Moisture Transmitter is an on-line sensor 'dedicated ' to measuring moisture in all forms of tobacco.
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MCT469-SF Food Grade IP69 On-line Moisture and Oil Sensor

Built for difficult processing environments the MCT 330HD NIR Gauge is comprised of a sensor and operator interface combination. Its fundamental function is to provide a reliable and robust measurement in challenging environments.
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MCT466-SF Food & Snacks On-line NIR Smart Sensor

Rapid, continuous product analysis is critical in food and snack manufacturing.
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QuikCheck At-Line and Lab Analyzer

Near Infrared (NIR) bench-top analyzer for periodic spot checking of production samples at line or in the lab.
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Guardian Web Profiling System

Rapid, continuous product analysis is critical for all paper, film and converting processes.
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