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Industrial E-News May 2015 - Tuesday, 12 May 2015
"NEW" Calex PyroCube Infrared Thermometer, HOBO® RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station, Shimaden SR1 Controller, Calog-Temp Temperature Calibrator
details Industrial E-News May 2015
Industrial E-News April 2015 - Monday, 27 April 2015
Launch of our new web site, Datapaq Food Tracker System, Jumo Wall Mount RTD Sensor, Intech XU4 Transmitter with Universal Input and Output
details Industrial E-News April 2015
Industrial E-News March 2015 - Tuesday, 24 March 2015
"NEW" Intech IN-uP4 - Universal Input Indicator, PyroMini Infrared Thermometer and Touch Screen, Jumo Midas S05 Pressure Transmitter, Techne UCal 400+ Portable Dri-Block Calibrator
details Industrial E-News March 2015
The HOBO RX3000 is Onset’s next-generation remote data logging station that provides instant access to site-specific environmental data anywhere, anytime via the internet.
details HOBO® RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station Data Logger - RX3000
Industrial News January 2015 - Tuesday, 13 January 2015
ThermaTwin TN410LCE Infrared Thermometer -60 to 500C with Laser and LED Light, CS Instruments Flow Station DS400 for compressed air and gases, JUMO MIDAS DP10 - OEM Differential Pressure Transmitter, Jumo Humidity/Temperature Sensors for Demanding Industrial Applications (hygrometric).
details Industrial News January 2015
Industrial News December 2014 - Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Shaw SADP Moisture Meter, Jumo Midas S05 Stainless Pressure Transmitter, Datapaq Food Tracker System, Condition Monitoring - Vibration Sensors with Analogue Output.
details Industrial News December 2014
Industrial News November 2014 - Tuesday, 11 November 2014
Optical Turbidity with the JUMO ecoLine NTU Sensor, Calex PM180 6-channel Modbus Pyrometer Hub with Data Logging, Concrete Temperature Monitoring with Data Loggers, Jumo Logoscreen NT Paperless recorder with TFT display
details Industrial News November 2014
Industrial News October 2014 - Thursday, 30 October 2014
Graphtec multi channel data loggers, Intech Temperature / Humidity Sensors with 4-20mA Output, HOBO Bluetooth Temperature/Humidity Data logger, AcuRite Digital Rain Gauge with Wireless Self-Emptying Rain Collector
details Industrial News October 2014
Industrial News September 2014 - Tuesday, 16 September 2014
Calex PyroSight E Infrared Thermometer with Laser sighting, HOBO MX1101 Temp/RH logger for Mobile Devices, Magnelab RopeCT AC Current Sensor Rogowski Coil, Solid State Relays
details Industrial News September 2014
Onset’s HOBO MX1101 data logger measures and transmits temperature and relative humidity data wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth Smart technology.
details HOBO MX Temperature/Relative Humidity Data Logger - MX1101
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